Our Gamma program is offered 1-3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). This group is mainly working on freestyle and backstroke, along with learning breastroke and butterfly kick and learning how to do starts and turns.  Swimmers in this group have the opportunity to start competing in swim meets designed for athletes who are learning what it’s like to race and be at a competition if they so choose. The main focus of delta is gaining technical proficiency in freestyle and backstroke, and learning the beginning skills for breastroke and freestyle. Approximate ages for Gamma are 6-11

Some technical requirements for this group include the ability to swim 25 meters (1 length of the pool), the swimmer needs to be comfortable in deep water and not require any adult in the water (although a coach will be in water majority of the time). The swimmer must also know the basics of freestyle and backstroke.

Please contact us with any questions!