Group standards:
This set of standards has been implemented for two reasons this season. First, to make it easier for the coaches to place new swimmers into the program, and second, to make it easier for coaches, and families, to know when swimmers need to moved up a group. If a swimmer can complete all of the standards for a group they will not be able to swim in a lower group, except under extreme circumstances that may arise, these issues will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Swimmer Expectations
1. Attend all personal scheduled practices and give 100% effort. Strive for personal bests!
2. Be at practice ten minutes prior to start in order to fill water bottle, get equipment, use the washroom and body activate. Swimmers who are late getting into the pool may not be able to complete the main set for that day. If you are going to be late please let your coach know!
3. Create a positive attitude and environment for your group and all team members
4. Listen to coach’s instructions and respect the other coaches and their directions when appropriate. Don’t talk when coach/other swimmers are talking and asking questions.
5. Cheating and skipping metres will not be tolerated.

Swim Meets:
1. All swimmers are required to wear SPARTANS AQUATIC CLUB gear at swim meets. A team cap and t-shirt are minimum requirements.
2. Be on time for all meets in order to attend team meetings/body activation and to know meet warm ups.
3. Encourage all team mates and create a positive team environment
4. Follow nutritional guidelines during the meet. Nutritional information will be given to both swimmers and parents at the beginning of the season. Food will be taken away if it does not follow these guidelines.
5. Get in for warm up on time which will be determined by the coach. Failure to do so will result in being scratched from that day of the meet.
6. Keep team area clean and pick up after yourselves.
7. Respect the pool and surrounding pool area.
8. Stay in the team’s designated area. Do not crowd other team’s areas.

It will be at the discretion of the coaches to take necessary actions on anyone disobeying these expectations.