2019 Spartans Coaches

Head Coach

Name: Ben Shewchuk

Groups: Alpha

I’m from Winnipeg, and I’m a 4th year student at the University of Lethbridge studying psychology! I swam for 13 years, including 2 years on the U of L Pronghorns. One of my funniest swimming moments was in my early years when my friends and I sang a terrible acapella rendition of O-Canada at a small swim meet in Fargo and the families in the stands reacted with more confused looks than applause. My favourite food is Raman, and some of my favourite movies are The Big Lebowski, The Iron Giant, and Forrest Gump. I look forward to a great session!


Name: Casey Berreth

Hi Everyone! I am Casey! I have been swimming for 6 years in both lifesaving sport and competitive swimming with the Calgary Poseidon’s and the Strathmore Silver Sharks and have coached for 3 years with the Fort Macleod Summer Swim Club and Claresholm Vikings Lifesaving team.  My favourite stroke is freestyle and my most embarrassing moment in swimming was when I broke my cap getting onto the blocks before a race.  My favourite food is poutine and I always share with my dog Lexie. A cool fact about me is that I grew up on an ostrich farm west of Granum with my grandparents during the summer. I’m taking agriculture studies and the University of Lethbridge and hope to one day be Agriculture Minister of Canada!



 Name: Taylor Dixon

Hi Spartans! My name is Taylor and I am in my fifth year of History at the University of Lethbridge. And this is my fourth year coaching the Spartans! I have worked with Epsi, Gamma, and Delta.  Before Spartans, I swam competitively with LASC from elementary to high school (almost ten years!). I was also a lifeguard at the YMCA for three years. There, I taught swimming lessons, aqua fit, and coached both the triathlon and swim club. Currently, I am in my ninth year as a volunteer swim coach with the Lethbridge Special Olympics! My favorite food is Japanese, but I really like ALL food. When I’m not at the pool I like reading, training for Triathlons and walking my dogs!


Name: Keely Hopkins

Hi Spartans! I am Coach Keely I have been coaching with Spartans for a year. As well as coaching senior swimmers in the summer circuit I have been assistant head coach of the Fort Macleod sharks for two seasons. Before year round coaching I swam for ten years in the summer swimming circuit. After that I spent three years swimming with the Spartans Aquatic Club. Some of my favourite memories growing up have been on the pool deck. Blowing ring bubbles, playing water polo, and trying to string goggles on the backstroke flags to name a few. And swimming laps of course! My favourite post practice snack is a banana with a giant spoonful of peanut butter. I hopes to give swimmers the opportunity to learn through play and goal setting, and to provide a fun safe place to grow as an athlete and an individual. 


Name: Ryan Plante

I’m Coach Ryan and have been swimming for 14 years now in both the competitive and Live Saving Sport. I have been coaching for the past four years now on many different teams Pincher Creek Dolphins, Pass Piranhas as well as Masters and JLC programs. My funniest moment swimming was back when I was 8 or 9 and got put on a relay team with my Coach and 2 of the senior boys on the team. To get pumped up before the race we all started chanting like gorillas and everyone at the meet just gave us the weirdest looks. I never cared because in the moment we were the coolest relay team ever!

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